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This page is dedicated to articles, links, videos, and other timely information aimed at informing our region’s firefighters. The appearance of any article or link on this page does not imply the endorsement of the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association or the Regional Training Group. 

‘The big one’ disaster could happen in our lifetime. Can we even be ready?

CNN, July 15, 2024 – A megadisaster could strike a catastrophic blow at the outset or could cause widespread death and destruction through a slow burn of cascading impacts. Read Article

Crisis and Expansion: Al-Qaeda Affiliates’ Threat to Global Security

Modern Diplomacy, July 8, 2024  – Many believe that Al-Qaeda has been a defeated terrorist organization. However, the group has adapted by changing its strategies and forming regional groups across the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. Read Article

The Threat Matrix Facing the Paris Olympics

Combating Terrorism at West Point, June, 2024  – French President Emmanuel Macron announced France was elevating its terror alert level to the highest level after Islamic State Khorasan (ISK) carried out an attack on a concert hall at the Crocus shopping center in Krasnogorsk outside Moscow on March 22 that left 144 dead and 285 wounded. Macron stated that ISK had “carried out several attempts on our soil in recent months.” French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal revealed that a thwarted plot in Strasbourg in 2022 had been connected to the group.. Read Article

The terrorism threat to the 2024 Paris Olympics: Learning from the past to understand the present

ICCT, June 27, 2024  – The European Summer calendar of premier sporting events is well and truly underway. With the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship in Germany in full swing and the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games to commence on 26 July, security has been a central theme in event planning and management. The predominant security focus is the threat of terrorismRead Article

Here’s the 2024 wildfires outlook after a wet winter in Southern California

NBC, June 14, 2024  – Southern California firefighting authorities provided their 2024 wildfire outlook Friday after a winter of record rainfall that left the region’s hillsides green and covered in lush vegetation. But that vegetation will soon dry out, becoming fuel for brush fires. Read Article

DHS Efforts to Create Cutting Edge Counter Drone Technology

Institute for Defense and Gov’t Advancement, April 29, 2024  – Reports of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) sightings from pilots, law enforcement, and citizens have dramatically increased over the past two years, with the FAA now receiving nearly 100 reports each month according to the aviation authority’s website. Just four months into 2024, the FAA has reported 326 incidents of drones being identified near airplanes, helicopters, and airports. Although these unauthorized flights can result in stiff fines and criminal charges, the increased access and affordability of UAS technologies have caused an increase in incidents of illegal drone operations. Operating drones in a “No Drone Zone” can increase the risks of aerial collisions. Additionally, many drones are used for nefarious purposes such as invading privacy or smuggling contraband. Read Article