• Meanwhile in ... Mongolia, Millennial monks are running the country’s monasteries
  • June 21, 2018

    Mongolia, Millennial monks are running the country’s monasteries. It was only in the 1990s that monasteries and religious schools reopened. “It’s easy to chop down a forest, right?” Lobsang Rabten, second in command at Amarbayasgalant Monastery, said to Reuters.
  • Trump flip on family separation underscores 'chaos' in immigration reform
  • June 20, 2018

    Undocumented immigrant parents in anguish over losing custody of their children, as they await possible deportation – unsure of whether they will ever see their kids again. Until Wednesday, President Trump defiantly insisted that only Congress could solve the crisis of family separations at the US-Mexico border, triggered by ...
  • After a long war, Colombia embraces peace at the ballot box
  • June 20, 2018

    After ending a half-century of civil war with a peace pact two years ago, Colombia held its first presidential election last Sunday. The presence of peace was palpable. For the first time in generations, there was no political violence on voting day.
  • US exits UN rights body: Principled, or another retreat?
  • June 20, 2018

    It is the only item of business that appears automatically on the agenda of the 47-nation council, the world’s preeminent human rights body, year in and year out. The biased treatment of Israel has drawn criticism and admonishments to act more evenhandedly from numerous international human rights groups and ...


Fire service took 2 hours to arrive at Manchester bombing

Guardian – The fire service played “no meaningful role” in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing because they arrived two hours late, a review of the response to the attack has found. FULL ARTICLE

March 28, 2018

What happens when ISIS goes underground?

Brookings Institute – The Islamic State is on the ropes, yet the group may make a comeback. The U.S.-led coalition has driven it from much of its territory in Iraq and Syria, while most of its so-called “provinces” elsewhere in the Muslim world also have lost territory or stagnated. Despite these impressive gains, the United States is not well prepared for the group’s defeat. FULL ARTICLE

March 28, 2018

French Officer Slain After Swapping Places With Hostage

NY Times – Swapping places with a woman being held hostage, the French police officer entered the supermarket where a gunman, claiming allegiance to the Islamic State, had already shot and killed two people on Friday. FULL ARTICLE

March 28, 2018

Attempted attack at Travis Air Force Base in California

CBS News – A car loaded with propane tanks ran through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in northern California on Wednesday night. Military personnel ran up to the burning car that exploded in flame after breaching the security gates. In video posted on an Air Force forum on Facebook, firefighters are seen attempting to put out the flames. VIDEO & FULL ARTICLE

March 28, 2018

World Health Organization gets ready for ‘Disease X’

CNN – The World Health Organization included “Disease X” in its most recent global plan for accelerating research and development during health emergencies like the Ebola, SARS or Zika epidemics. So what, exactly, is Disease X? FULL ARTICLE

March 28, 2018



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Acts of terrorism are typically preceded by suspicious behaviors and activities that, if observed and reported, allow investigators the opportunity to assess the behavior or activity, determine if a crime has occurred or is imminent, and act within the confines of the law to prevent a crime or terrorist attack from occurring.

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