Guiding Principles

There are 31 stakeholder fire agencies in the Los Angeles County Operational Area. These agencies employ 9,000 firefighters and 2,000 civilian personnel. In addition, there are many different agencies, organizations, and special interest groups that are stakeholders to the Mission and Vision of the Regional Training Group‘s Training Strategic Plan, including fire labor, community colleges, cooperating agencies and the public being served. The following Guiding Principles are the initial points of agreement between the fire department stakeholders and are essential for the planning process. The components of this plan will:

  1. Provide a structure for the regional delivery of standardized training

  2. Ensure equitable access to training among all departments

  3. Identify the regional training sites

  4. Institute regional training site specifications

  5. Establish regional delivery and coordination of specialty certifications and recertification

  6. Advocate appropriate use of new technologies to train, educate and coordinate the region‘s fire service agencies

  7. Identify new possible partnerships and best practices in multi-agency shared fire services

  8. Establish baseline standards for all ranks from firefighter through executive officer that meet current national standards

  9. Include a process to meet the information needs and bolster communications between the stakeholders

  10. Develop a business case for training using metrics

  11. Define and describe implementation timelines

  12. Identify the means to capture funds for resources, recover costs, share revenue and sustain funding.