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This Regional Fire Service Training Strategic Plan is the result of a collaborative effort by the thirty-one fire departments that comprise the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association (LAAFCA) which constitute the fire departments operating in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Urban Area Security Initiative (LALBUA) with the majority in the Los Angeles County Operational Area (LACOA). This plan was developed in tandem with the Los Angeles/Long Beach Urban Area and the Los Angeles County Operational Area Homeland Security Strategic Plan. This plan‘s focus is on the training needs of the fire service in the region.

This plan addresses the common interest of all the fire departments to ensure that a trained and capable force is always available to respond in times of local and national emergency due to a terrorist threat or other disaster as well as to the day-to-day activities of the region‘s fire services. Coordination and standardized training is essential in making the communities in the LALBUA safer.

The group of fire chiefs who led this plan is a sub-group of the LAAFCA known as the Regional Training Group or RTG. As a consequence, this plan has become known as the Regional Training Group plan and the term RTG will be used to describe both this sub-group and its role within the LAAFCA.

Most fire department missions are carried out in a team setting. Because department borders are contiguous, the force at an emergency scene often is made up of firefighters from more than one agency and the need to work together seamlessly is paramount. Consequently, regionalized training where the departments train and act as one will create synergies and opportunities for greater safety, operational effectiveness, and cost efficiencies. 

The RTG is comprised of an Executive Director and 5 Regional Training Officers (RTO) which make up the Regional Training Group. Each member is assigned to the RTG through their home agency and brings a unique background to the group working as a collaborative and participative team providing quality training and exercises to the region.

RTG Contact Information

Executive Director - James Birrell, Fire Chief, Monterey Park FD, Retired                                    (714) 713-9781

Regional Training Officer - Scott Campos, Battalion Chief, Los Angeles City Fire Department     (213) 703-4516

Regional Training Officer - Ken Cook, Captain, Los Angeles City Fire Department                      (949) 485-9758

Regional Training Officer - Darrin Curry, Battalion Chief, Long Beach Fire Department                (562) 676-2010

Regional Training Officer - Sean Escontrias, Captain, Santa Fe Springs Fire - Rescue                (562) 244-5459

Regional Training Officer - Michael Lewis, Battalion Chief, Los Angeles County Fire Department (661) 257-4740     



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